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Let me make it clear more info on youngster help agency hell

Let me make it clear more info on youngster help agency hell

CSA information and help in working with the young son or daughter help agency

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Does the CSA simply just take overtime and bonuses into account?

3, 2011 december

I have two kids aged 4 I work complete some time my young ones come in nursery and I also also provide a childminder to whom We spend £105 each week term time and £350 school vacations each week (income tax credits pay 70% I make within the distinction away from my wage that is a fundamental of £14,500 with no overtime) My ex pays me personally maintenance of between £150 – £200 per thirty days.

He rents a house together hinge versus tinder with his partner that is new and have actually a home loan in joint names which i spend to my own. He works complete some time earns approx ВЈ15,000 he states he will not get compensated overtime nevertheless does get a month-to-month bonus (their partner additionally works full-time they usually have no kids together) he claims he gets compensated a basic 39hr week but he does lots of overtime. If We had been to undergo income tax credits to guarantee cash each month and a group quantity, can you take into account any overtime or bonus he receives or perhaps is it simply worked out on a simple wage?

Can you please offer me personally having an estimate. He’s got the kids every single other week-end Friday and Saturday to stay immediately in addition they keep coming back at 12 on Sunday he even offers them every Thursday for approximately one hour and picks them up from nursery for a Friday at 3.15 and contains them til between 430pm and 630 pm them when i finish work until I collect. In the brief moment i am just in search of some advice.

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