Crown Hospitality


An external expert fresh eyes view on the product proposition and customer experience.


We analyse your brand look and feel and how well it resonates with your target audience, ensuring the brand appeals and delivers to the value proposition achieving the customer satisfaction goal.


A positive guest experience and review is vital to any business. To give us the full picture, we’ll evaluate all main touch points of the guest journey, including site design, external and internal signage, interaction points and POS material.


Understanding how your business compares to the market leaders is a key tool. We’ll benchmark your closest competitors – local, national and global. Taking learnings from this analysis can help you develop a unique market positioning.


Front of house team are the face and voice of your brand. We’ll review your team setup and skill-sets, and give you the tools to help them tell your story and deliver a memorable guest experience. 


Staying on-trend is vital when it comes to attracting new guests and ensuring existing guest list keep coming back. We’ll challenge your offer, helping you identify what is a trend and what is a fad, and recommend the main values your brand should adopt.