Crown Hospitality


The impact Covid-19 will have on how we live our lives will be profound.

Delivery, which was growing at a significant rate before the crisis, will become even bigger and more important in hospitality, both in the short and longer term.

We support businesses in creating brands that will maximise sales potentials through products specifically designed for delivery whilst ensuringthe kitchen operation is highly efficient and retail cost is minimised.


We’ll give you an expert view on your brand design and action plan for your online presence and where to focus your marketing efforts. This includes a plan for your website content, social media and delivery platform content.


Packaging is the real estate in the delivery circuit; a gift to your guests. We will source best-in-class off the shelf options aligned to your product. Help design and brief on bespoke packaging to meet the satisfaction goal.


The creation of a delivery focused operating model is measured on consistency of product and process simplicity.

A process optimized kitchen design and equipment selection, supply chain, production and preparation plans is the foundation to sustainability & scalability.


You need the right team and training material in place to operate a slick delivery business. We will create a people plan with the team hierarchy, job descriptions and roles and suggested salaries and wages.

This is then supported with best-in-class training material templates and processes.